August 2016

The reservoir continues to be full of water at the highest level.  The last two stockings have seen good numbers of blue trout in the mix and fish which are averaging 2.5 to 3 lbs. Members’ returns reflect the numbers of these larger fish being caught and putting up a good fight.

Both bank of the reservoir have now been strimmed, the Abbey Village side for the second time, concentrating on the backcasting areas behind the most accessible spots.

We continue to be concerned about incidences of people fishing without either appropriate equipment or a day ticket. All concerned need to be aware that poaching is theft and if reported to the police will be dealt with as such. It is particuarly irritating to get backchat from persons required to move away . Instances of threatening beahviour will be reported as such. The Lancashire Police Rural crime team do random visits to the reservoir and will support the club in dealing with theives.

Tight lines to all our bona fide day ticket guests.


Bob Hardwick


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