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June 2019 Report

None of last year’s problems with the water level! The reservoir is well stocked with a mixture of rainbows up to 4lb, blue and brown trout. The fish are seen to be rising well when the surface is reasonably calm. The club continues to improve the back casting areas on both banks and the dam is fishing well.  The parking for anglers is by Raikes cottage.  The United Utilities sign by the Hare and Hounds entrance to the causeway is wrong. The car park up there is for anglers and that remains the case. We are trying to get the sign altered. Dog walkers continue to find informal parking opposite Smiths farm in Lower Roddlesworth Lane but this is very limited.

We believe that the cost of a our day ticket remains very competitive. Many anglers find that our online sale suits them, though we do ask everybody to file a return on their catch. Members are very approachable and will point visiting anglers to areas fishing well.

Tight Lines

Bob Hardwick

September Report

The water level in Upper Roddlesworth is now rising again thanks to recent rain. If it continues to rise and the pontoon floats it may be possible to put some fish in again. The experience from recent fishing suggests that fishing from the dam and from the east side of the reservoir can produce fish. Hopefully a very frustrating period in our fishing season is coming to an end.

Bob Hardwick

Fisheries Officer

Current Situation at Upper Roddlesworth

United Utilities have been letting water out of Upper Roddlesworth since the drought began to affect the systems lower down the watercourses locally. Currently the water level is some five metres below normal and likely to go farther till rain begins to fill up the system.

Angling is still possible from the dam, however around the sides of the reservoir there are potentially dangerous levels of wet mud/silt which carry the potential for anglers to get into difficulties.

Very frustrating for all concerned but there is nothing we can do. United utilities are aware of the potential issue for the fish stocks and are monitoring the situation.

Bob Hardwick

Fisheries Officer.

May 2018 Fishery Report

The reservoir is currently fishing well with bank averages over three per visit.  The third stocking of rainbows will occur before the end of the month. Members report that the fish are fighting well including a number of blue trout taken and returned. Work to improve the backcasting is ongoing together with steps to improve some of the underfoot conditions along the Abbey Village bank.

Sadly the Belmont Bull has now closed leaving the internet, Brinscall Post Office and Millingtons Fishing shop as our current sources of day tickets. The club is acutely aware of the challenges posed by parking for day ticket anglers. It may be possible to find space on the extension of lower Roddlesworth Lane after the metalled road ends however this is entirely a matter of chance.

Given the charges for day tickets generally the club feels that a visit is a relatively cheap day’s fishing in a most conducive location where members are welcoming and happy to give advice to visitors.



April 2018 Fishery Report

Welcome to the 2018 season at Upper Roddlesworth.  The water has been stocked for the first time and will soon recieve its second batch of fish.  Fishing  as ever is affected by the weather and we all hope for warmer and dryer days ere long.  Day ticket anglers may use the car park at the end of the causeway which begins at the Hare and Hounds Car Park. The sign saying “Residents only” is to deter the general public. Bona Fide day ticket anglers may proceed to the car park and show the ticket they are given, or a copy of their day ticket on the dashboard of their vehicle.

tight lines

R H H Fisheries Officer


June 30th update

The water level is now coming back to normal after a prolonged period of being below our usual level. The reservoir has been stocked again recently and is now fishing very well from the Abbey village side.  Day tickets are available from Brinscall Post Office as well and the internet and our other publicised sources. Great value for money.

Bob Hardwick

June 2017 Fishery Report

After a very dry spell the water level is now coming back up and with rain expected we hope that levels will look a lot more like normal. That said the fishing has held up well and as a bonus of the fall in the level some big trout have been tempted from the deep water by the dam. The fish stocked so far have included one stocking of average weight 2.7 lbs and included some fine blue trout.

Works in the woods on the south west side of the reservoir have prompted the closure notices for certain footpaths. The stocking gate and the small gate by the pontoon have been chained to signal to the general public that the area inside the wall and fence is not a public footpath. Day Ticket anglers are able to access the water by the gaps in the dam wall, or my find members there who will be happy to ease their passage. We hope the works will be over soon.

As to what is catching fish – small seems best – buzzers, small tinhead damsels – small black flies such as black gnat.

We are acutely aware of the distance to the official car park. There is little we can do about it. Cards are available to place on dashboards in the Raikebrook Car Park for bona fide Dat ticket holders. It is possible to walk down from the Royal, however going back is uphill. For all the hassle Roddlesworth is a great place to spend some time and Day ticket anglers can be sure of a warm welcomer and any advice or support they may wish to seek.

Fisheries Officer

21st june 2017

May 2017

Roddlesworth reservoir is currently fishing its socks off. The water level has been dropped by United Utilities to feed other reservoirs lower down in the system, but this has  had no  discernable impact on the fishing.  After the second stocking of the season there are some superb fighting rainbows in the water  to add to the ones already in.  Their average weight is 2.7 lbs. Over the weekend and the Bank Holiday  members have reported catches averaging 6 fish and one day ticket angler had fourteen in his day’s fishing.

A range of attractors are working including many fish taken on buzzers of various kinds and others with a black and green make up. My five this morning were taken on a gold head black and green fritz  in a short stay before duty called. The dam area is fishing particularly well.

Day tickets are now available at Brinscall Post Office since the very sad closure of the Bake N’ Butty shop in Abbey Village.  Many anglers are using the  website to buy their ticket.

We should advise against wading at the bottom end in particular. The mud is deep and one person has had to be rescued after getting well and truly stuck.

Applications for membership are still welcome at thia stage of the season

Bob Hardwick  Fisheries Officer

April 2017 Report

The new season has begun well with the vast majority of members and day ticket holders  catching fish. The first stocking included some fine blue trout and rainbows of 2lb average weight and above. The water level is good. Some further work has been done to improve the bank casting areas, with more to follow.

Day tickets are available from the web, The Belmont Bull, Millingtons Tackle Shop Chorley, The Victoria Piub at Tockhoes and  as of Friday April 14 Brinscall Post Office. Sadly Rachel at the Bake N Butty in Abbey Village is closing her shop. She has been a valued outlet for a long time and we wish her well. We are sorry to see her go.

The club is pleased to welcome applications for membership in the early part of the season. Application forms are available from the Secretary Mr. T Possnet.


Bob Hardwick

Fisheries Officer

11/04 2017


December 2016

The 2016 season comes to an end on December 31st. We would like to thank all our day ticket guests for their support in 2016 and wish them all the best for the festive season and the New Year. The Fishery will re-open to day ticket guests on April 1st 2017.  The club will continue its policy of stocking the reservoir with rainbow trout to 2lb average weight in the same numbers as in previous years. The next post will be in March 2017. prior to the Ist April opening day.

August 2016

The reservoir continues to be full of water at the highest level.  The last two stockings have seen good numbers of blue trout in the mix and fish which are averaging 2.5 to 3 lbs. Members’ returns reflect the numbers of these larger fish being caught and putting up a good fight.

Both bank of the reservoir have now been strimmed, the Abbey Village side for the second time, concentrating on the backcasting areas behind the most accessible spots.

We continue to be concerned about incidences of people fishing without either appropriate equipment or a day ticket. All concerned need to be aware that poaching is theft and if reported to the police will be dealt with as such. It is particuarly irritating to get backchat from persons required to move away . Instances of threatening beahviour will be reported as such. The Lancashire Police Rural crime team do random visits to the reservoir and will support the club in dealing with theives.

Tight lines to all our bona fide day ticket guests.


Bob Hardwick


June 2016 Report

The reservoir has now been stocked three times, on the last occasion a good number of blue trout were included in the delivery. All the reports to me from members speak of lively fish fighting well.

The average day ticket fishing average is three at the last count. The water level has held up well so far and recently there is more evidence of insect life. The old adage of ”  bright and breezy never easy ” has applied to some degree in the last few sunny days but the fish are moving and falling principally to buzzers.

Cormorant activity has diminished in the past three weeks which is a welcome relief.  We have begun a log book to report any sightings and if fish are caught with clear signs of cormorant predation please take a photo on your mobile and send it to with a short note of time and date.

Backcasting areas on the Abbey Village side have been strimmed to make life easier. The other side will be done in due course.

Various reports have come in of people spinning for fish. The Club would like to make it clear that this amounts to theft and will be treated as such. Such persons may wish to acquaint themselves with the potential consequences of a criminal offence.

I am happy to hear of any such illegal activity by e-mail at the address above.

Bob Hardwick June 3rd 2016

April 2016

The new season is now in full swing with members catching well when the conditions permit. The prevailing heavy bursts of rain and low pressure, together with poor temperatures have not been hekpful.  Stocking policy will be as last year with regular deliveries through the season of rainbow trout at 2lb average. We are on a drive to report cormorant numbers in a log in the lodge with a view to getting enough evidence for action to be taken to reduce their numbers. If anyone catches a trout with obvious cormorant damage and can get a photo on their mobile please send to:

A new ticket outlet has been arranged at the Belmont Bull, which has opened a shop in the pub building itself. This replaces the now closed post office shop which was our previous outlet. We believe that at £15 for adults and £13 for under 18’s we offer a competitively priced day out in a splendid location. The ticket outlets have loyalty cards and a stamp. Ten stamps on a card entitles the bearer to a free ticket to fish on day. They also have parking cards to leave on the dashboard if you are parking by Raikes cottage.( across the causeway from the Hare and Hounds).This is no longer the sole prerogative of Withnell anglers.

We will continue to work on improving the backcasting areas on the Abbey Village side of the reservoir, adding to the steady progress we have already made. We continue to be in contact with PC Ken Mansfield and his rural crime team who may visit at random to check EA licences and membership cards or day tickets. Please be sure to make a return when you leave so my stats can be as complete as possible

The club aims to make you welcome and to offer any support and guidance we can to help you have an enjoyable and successful visit.

January 2016

As our main webpage indicates our fishery is now closed till April 1st 2016 for day ticket customers.  We would like to thank all those anglers who have used the fishery in 2015 and hope to see you all again in 2016.

The fishery will be stocked regularly through March till September with our usual high quality rainbow trout, which will as usual average 2lb in weight.  We intend to carry on our efforts to improve the backcasting  to provide the best possible fishing opportunities on the banks.

The club also runs several trips to other venues such as Carsington, Foremark and Draycote, and non members are welcome to join club members by arrangement.

A further report will be posted in late March to update information about ticket sales and prices.



September/October 2015

The last stocking of the current year took place in mid September bringing the total number of fish stocked to over 2000 rainbow trout including some blue trout and a number of 3 and 4 lb specimens. There were even a few larger than that.

A consistent feature of the year has been the quality of the fish and their great fighting spirit. The resident brown trout population has been more in evidence in recent catch returns. The most recent figures indicate that bank averages for members  are just over three fish per session and day ticket anglers even better with 4. One of our regular visitors had 22 in one session and 15 in another.

Day ticket anglers can now build up points on our new loyalty card and get a free visit after ten paid visits. Getting to know the water clearly pays dividends as the catch returns show

The algae we experienced in August seems to have gone, although it does not seem to affect the fish.

I am holding an item found on the Abbey Village side just after I did some strimming about a month ago. It is distinctive and anyone who has lost anything is welcome to contact me  on my e-mail with a description of their loss (

We are sorry to have seen the closure of Belmont Post Office, however efforts are ongoing to establish a new Post Office in that village and we will keep you posted. Applications for membership are still being accepted for the 2016 season.

Bob Hardwick