June 2016 Report

The reservoir has now been stocked three times, on the last occasion a good number of blue trout were included in the delivery. All the reports to me from members speak of lively fish fighting well.

The average day ticket fishing average is three at the last count. The water level has held up well so far and recently there is more evidence of insect life. The old adage of ”  bright and breezy never easy ” has applied to some degree in the last few sunny days but the fish are moving and falling principally to buzzers.

Cormorant activity has diminished in the past three weeks which is a welcome relief.  We have begun a log book to report any sightings and if fish are caught with clear signs of cormorant predation please take a photo on your mobile and send it to bobh1109@gmail.com with a short note of time and date.

Backcasting areas on the Abbey Village side have been strimmed to make life easier. The other side will be done in due course.

Various reports have come in of people spinning for fish. The Club would like to make it clear that this amounts to theft and will be treated as such. Such persons may wish to acquaint themselves with the potential consequences of a criminal offence.

I am happy to hear of any such illegal activity by e-mail at the address above.

Bob Hardwick June 3rd 2016

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