Day Ticket Rules


Strictly Fly Fishing only


Day Tickets are for a TWO FISH limit.

Anglers may take two fish if they so wish. After two fish have been taken it is catch and release.

All brown trout to be returned. These fish are not stocked.

Single barbless hooks only, maximum 8s long shank.

Strike indicators are not permitted.

Anglers must not discard nylon or deposit litter of any kind.

Radios, ipods or musical instruments of any kind are prohibited.

The lighting of fires or the disturbance of wildlife is prohibited.

Anglers must not damage walls, fences, trees or shrubs or interfere with live stock.

HDFFC reserve the right to close parts of the reservoir at certain times.

Anglers must not interfere with Authority apparatus or pollute the reservoir in any way.

Ticket holders only are allowed within the reservoir boundary.

No wading in the reservoir. When water level is low do not stand in the soft mud that has been exposed. Fish from the Dam Wall.

Dogs or other pets are not allowed in or around the reservoir.

Access is by the specified paths.

Anglers must show their day ticket and allow their tackle, bags and pockets to be inspected when requested by a member of HDFFC or Authority employee.

A catch return MUST be completed on the day ticket, including nil returns & posted in the Club lodge.

This ticket is not transferable and is for the date shown. No other person may fish on your day ticket.

Juniors must be accompanied by an adult.

Contravention of any of the above rules will result in expulsion from the fishery with no refund, refusal of future tickets and could result in prosecution.

HDFFC shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury however caused.
A risk assessment statement is available on request by email.

Fishing is from dawn to dusk, no fishing after dark.

No fishing in adverse weather conditions or any conditions that may be deeming unsafe.

Contact us if you have any query regarding your fishing, prior to purchasing your day ticket.