September/October 2015

The last stocking of the current year took place in mid September bringing the total number of fish stocked to over 2000 rainbow trout including some blue trout and a number of 3 and 4 lb specimens. There were even a few larger than that.

A consistent feature of the year has been the quality of the fish and their great fighting spirit. The resident brown trout population has been more in evidence in recent catch returns. The most recent figures indicate that bank averages for membersĀ  are just over three fish per session and day ticket anglers even better with 4. One of our regular visitors had 22 in one session and 15 in another.

Day ticket anglers can now build up points on our new loyalty card and get a free visit after ten paid visits. Getting to know the water clearly pays dividends as the catch returns show

The algae we experienced in August seems to have gone, although it does not seem to affect the fish.

I am holding an item found on the Abbey Village side just after I did some strimming about a month ago. It is distinctive and anyone who has lost anything is welcome to contact meĀ  on my e-mail with a description of their loss (

We are sorry to have seen the closure of Belmont Post Office, however efforts are ongoing to establish a new Post Office in that village and we will keep you posted. Applications for membership are still being accepted for the 2016 season.

Bob Hardwick


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